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smART Content Management SystemAt smART CMS, we make affordable software and tools to enhance your website.

But that wasn't always the case...

We started out doing custom programming. People would come to us with specific programs that they needed and we'd build them. Our customers were very happy with our software and it wasn't long before we started to get a reputation for creating great web based software.

As word spread, and we became more popular, we realized two things:

  • Custom programming is expensive. For every one client that could afford us there were many who wanted our software but didn't have the budget.
  • We couldn't meet the demand. Even for the clients who could afford it, creating just one program can take months, and we just didn't have enough programmers.

On top of that, the programmers were restless. They wanted to do more, they wanted to push the limit. They wanted to make software that was better, bigger, faster. They wanted to spend the time to really make something GREAT... without having to worry about budgets and deadlines.

So we started thinking... How could we still make "really great programs" and make them affordable to all our customers. We went over all the programs we'd ever created. What's something that a lot of people could use? What's something that really works well on the web? After much debate, we finally decided...  

Our customers loved it!

Now years later, we've got many different products. We're upgrading our software all the time, and we're working on new ideas to help you manage your website.

Give our software a try, we promise you won't be disappointed !

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