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  • Multi language support (details)
    both for the user and for site maintenance - smART CMS now supports more languages.
  • Builtin WYSIWYG editor (details)
    both on IE and Mozilla - smART includes a Integrated Editing Environment that is revealed when the user successfully logs on. In the main panel appears the a row of choice buttons and below them, full WYSIWYG editor. smART CMS has its own build in WYSIWYG editor, which lacks table editing and some formatting. The online editor works with most browsers but not all.
  • Image Management (details)
    The ImageManager PHP is a combination of PHP, HTML and Javascript, possible to integrate with the FileManager. The purpose of the ImageManager is to be able to preview images through thumbnails and conduct basic file operations on them, such as upload and delete.
  • File Management (details)
    The FileManager PHP is a online file management utility.
  • News module (details)
    News is an important part of a website. Every company or organization will always have a new story to tell, and it is important to present this story on the website. With the News module you may quickly and easily create and publish news.
  • Validate links.
    The whole site is parsed and checked and a single report is generated. There are no further options.
  • Search Engine Optimalization - SEO (details)
    The smART CMS is developed and optimized for many popular search engine like Google.
  • Automatic Sitemap Generation
    The smART CMS amtomaticly generate sitemap.
  • Custom Mailform (as an option to smART CMS) (details)
    A simple mailform function is provided in smART CMS - you need to insert an e-mail address under Settings to activate it.
  • Interactiv Google Map Module (as an option to smART CMS)  (details)
  • E-Commerce - Standalone Webshop Engine (as an option to smART CMS)  (details)
    e-Commerce module is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. Today, Webshop has been taken to the next level, moving towards an e-commerce framework solution that not only remains easy to setup and maintain, but also making it easier for store administrators to present their stores to their customers with their own unique requirements.
  • Forum - Standalone Engine (as an option to smART CMS)   (details) 
    Forum engine uses its own authorisation/session handling, database abstraction layer and template systems.