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Inbuilt WYSIWYG editor - (both on IE and Mozilla) (builtin function in smART CMS)

smART includes a Integrated Editing Environment that is revealed when the user successfully logs on. In the main panel appears the a row of choice buttons and below them, full WYSIWYG editor. smART CMS has its own build in WYSIWYG editor, which lacks table editing and some formatting. The online editor works with most browsers but not all.

  • Insert Single line returns on Enter key press.
    Content Management System can output your pages in your choice of PHP or Cold Fusion.

    Many competing products insert tags on Enter Key press this results in double line returns which makes for a less than perfect user experience. Some products have attempted to overcome this problem by using tags but this results in the insert list buttons not functioning properly. WysiwygPro uses tags which provide the same effect as tags but without any consequences. You can now configure the editor to use if you require it.
  • Create bold text.
  • Create italic text.
  • Create underlined text.
  • Justify left, center, right and full.
  • Change the font style, size and color.
    You can change the font face, size and color. When changing the color you can easily choose your desired color from the color palette. You can also apply pre-defined text styles that have been set up by your webmaster. To make it super easy to choose the right font, format or style all the dropdown menus show a preview of the formatting.
  • Highlight Text
    Choose from a 216 color web safe color palette or manually enter the hexadecimal value for your required color.
  • Insert clean HTML from Microsoft Word.
    When text is pasted from Microsoft Word allot of unnecessary word specific markup is carried across. This can result in web pages that take an unnecessarily long time to download. The Paste from Word button solves this by removing word markup before pasting the text into your page.
  • Create tables.
    Easily set the number of columns and rows, cell spacing and padding, border width, border color and background color. A preview of your table is shown so that you can get it just right before inserting it into the page.
  • Edit table row and cell properties.
    Control the background color, border color, border width, cell padding, cell spacing, horizontal and vertical text alignment. Your changes are previewed directly in the edit table window.
  • Insert and delete table columns.
  • Insert and delete table rows.
  • Merge and split table cells.
  • Insert Images.
    Choose an image from your server or enter the address to an external image. Specify alternative text, border width and control how text will flow around your image. You can specify the distance to surrounding text on all four sides of the image.
  • Manage your image directory.
    Upload, delete and rename image files.
  • Insert Hyperlinks to external sites.
    Simply enter the address to an external site.
  • Insert Hyperlinks to pages on your own site.
    Select from a list of available pages on your own web site.
  • Insert Links to downloadable documents such as PDF and Word files.
  • Manage your document directory.
    Upload, delete and rename downloadable documents.
  • Insert bookmarks
    Insert bookmarks. When you insert bookmarks they are automatically added to the hyperlink window so that you can select a bookmark to link to when adding a hyperlink.
  • Insert horizontal Lines.
    Control the width, horizontal alignment and color.
  • Insert emoticons.
    This is a useful feature for if the editor is to be used in a discussion forum or web mail system.
  • Insert Special characters.
    Choose from over 100 commonly used special characters.
  • Insert code snippets.
    Your webmaster can create a gallery of commonly used items such as the current date, company logo, company address, or a commonly used marketing phrase. You can insert these items into your document at the click of a button.

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